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Superb conclusion and riveting 5* read – Sedona Salvation by Lisa Kessler

Title: Sedona Salvation

Series: Sedona Pack #9

Author: Lisa Kessler

Publisher:  Lisa’s Lair 

Published: February 21st 2022

Pages: 300

Rating: 5*

My Review:

What a brilliant finale to this paranormal romantic suspense
With all the danger, heart felt romance and feeling so tense!
Jett Kendrick is alone in so many ways
A pack member, true, but he's counting his days.

He's suffering from the treatment he survived
Whilst his twin brother and team mates all tragically died.
Now his psychic powers may kill him, too,
But use them to save the pack is what he'll do.

He's wanting to silence a senator who
Is threatening to expose all werewolves and have them killed, too.
But when he meets the senator's daughter, in a twist of fate,
He discovers that at long last he's now met his true mate!

Get ready for drama with her powerful lightning strikes
For dying is no longer an option that he really likes.
Can he protect the pack and his true love, too
Or will fate be cruel and thwart his dreams for them two?

The twin sons of his Alpha are such a cute, rambunctious pair
They're definitely so great and of danger are aware
There's plenty of worries as the story progresses on
And you wonder if the danger will ever really be gone.

What an enthralling conclusion to a superb series this proved to be
The long awaited finale for Jett, I'm so happy to see.
Now the ending raises anticipation for a new series soon to start
And that's one that I'll look forward to with an eager heart.


The epic conclusion to the Sedona Pack series and the stakes couldn’t be higher…

Jett Kendrick has one last mission: to save the Sedona Pack and all werewolves from being exposed to the world as monsters by their own government. The debilitating psychic power he gained from the military’s super soldier research is now their last chance at safety. He’s weary, but more than ready to meet the task.

Instead, he meets Hope Hanson.

Hope has spent her life training for this moment, for the day the monsters came for her father, Senator Hanson, but she had envisioned a war, not this sexy solo warrior with battered determination in his eyes. Since Hope was a child, she could call lightning with her mind, but the deadly gift might not be enough to protect her from the secrets her father has hidden away.

Secrets that forged Jett into the solitary hunter he’s become.

When Jett discovers the woman hunting him is his one true mate, he’ll be forced to face dark decisions in order to protect shifters across the globe. Maybe this time fate has finally made a mistake, because loving her isn’t an option. Jett’s on a collision course with destiny.

Love and salvation were never part of the deal… (less)


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