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My #Review of ‘Just Friends’ by Jo Lovett – heartwarming romcom with a Greek wedding (or three!) #BlogTour

Title: Just Friends

Author: Jo Lovett

Publisher: Bookouture

Published: March 14th, 2022

Pages: 335

Rating: 4*

My Review:

Another dose of much needed Greek sunshine
In which a wedding and past romances entwine.
Lily and Matt split up years ago
How will they react to seeing each other, they don't know.

They both admitted they loved each other, 
But they still had things to discover.
Neither felt happy about being a part,
Their ending broke both their hearts.

Will this island wedding help them reconnect
Or force them further apart - that's what Lily suspects.
However the attraction between the is powerful so
Will they actually communicate and have another go?

This is truly a will-they-won’t-they romance
With a bridezilla, drama and a second, third and fourth chance!
Nothing goes smoothly for anyone there
But the ending has more than one bridal pair!

An idyllic setting, though there's troubles, too,
With difficult relationships for more than just two.
With secrets from the past impinging now
And families rifts needing to heal somehow.

A heartwarming read even in the rain
To discover if their love is strong enough to risk the pain.
For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
A delightful read, this is my honest review.


Lily took a deep breath. She wasn’t going to pass out from her now-galloping heart. She was thirty-three years old and way beyond having issues seeing an ex. Even the ex. She was going to just ignore Matt and enjoy her best friend’s wedding…

Lily is fine. Really, truly, she’s ok. She might have to attend her best friend’s wedding with the ex-boyfriend she never got over, on a gorgeous Greek island that’s so small it’s impossible to avoid him, but she is determined to be friendly.

And Matt, too, is completely and utterly fine. Lily may have broken his heart, but he moved on. And surely they can be amicable, as this week is about his best friend’s wedding too? So he will be civil, stay out of her way as much as he can, and get on with the celebrations.

But then the wedding comes under threat, and Matt and Lily are thrown together in the efforts to save the day and – yet again – sparks fly. What happens when you try to repeat the past though? Can a holiday romance turn into a lasting love, for the second time? Or are Lily and Matt destined to remain just friends, forever?

A totally gorgeous, escapist holiday will-they-won’t-they romantic comedy for fans of One Day in DecemberThis Time Next Year and Paige Toon.

Buy Links:

Amazon: https://geni.us/B09PSSWK1Jsocial

Apple: http://ow.ly/HwmN50IcA88 

Kobo: http://ow.ly/8BSs50IcA8a 

Google: http://ow.ly/fSFy50IcA89

Author Bio:

Jo Lovett lives in London with her family.

She worked in Corporate Tax before taking a longer-than-expected career break to have more-than-expected children (five). She started writing romantic comedy when she realised that she was regularly begging her oldest son to let her do his English homework but she wasn’t actually that interested in haunted houses or Macbeth.

Jo was runner-up in the Good Housekeeping/ Orion First Novel Competition 2018 and shortlisted for the Comedy Women in Print Award 2019.

When she can escape from her laundry mountain and childcare, she enjoys reading, tennis and wine.


One comment on “My #Review of ‘Just Friends’ by Jo Lovett – heartwarming romcom with a Greek wedding (or three!) #BlogTour

  1. Carla
    March 18, 2022

    I enjoyed this one as well, Elaine. Fun review.


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