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Absolutely fascinating story, brilliant read – The Bletchley Women by Patricia Adrian

I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book and other lovely goodies in a giveaway organised by the publisher, One More Chapter. I hadn’t heard of this book but opened it up to take a look . . . and, after starting the first page, was hooked. I read it this weekend and you’ll find my honest review below….

Title: The Bletchley Women

Author: Patricia Adrian

Publisher: One More Chapter, Harper Collins

Published: March 10th, 2022

Pages: 385

Rating: 4*

My Review:

What a fascinating read this proved to be
Steeped in World War 2 and history
Sharing an insight into the roles of women at Bletchley Park
And the code breaking there in which they played a key part.

Told mainly from the points of view of Evie and Rose
It tells of the new roles for which they were chose.
Their upbringings are different but both are bright
And their knowledge of German puts them into this fight.

Their work involves breaking codes to help spot
What needs defending and where does not.
However, this is a role filled with prejudice, too,
As they're unable to share just what they do.

The Official Secrets Act is what they had to sign
Pretending to be typists, it should be fine,
But families make assumptions that aren't true
And don't realise the importance of what they do.

Not only that, but they're having to fight
To be recognised as important at work - that's right!
Some male colleagues don't think this is work for women
Even when they're more able than them!

I really enjoyed this fascinating story, I have to say
Gaining an insight into the roles of women in that day.
These brave women were heroes who
Worked hard to crack codes and save lives too.

I liked the author's style, describing people, places and events, too
Bringing them to life, sharing what important jobs they do.
I also liked the sharing of their lives in those days
As women had choices to make, changing expectations and ways.

For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
A great wartime story and this is my honest review.


From debutante to farmer’s daughter all roads lead to Bletchley…

In a different world, Evie Milton would have accepted her fate, married an aristocrat, and become the doyenne of one of England’s finest estates, just like her mother.

In a different world, Rose Wiley would have married her fiancé, David, established a modest homestead, and brought up a brood of babies, just like her mother.

But this isn’t a different world and these women are not their mothers. Rose dreams of a life filled with more than family and duty to her husband – a life of purpose – and Evie dreams of a life far away from her rarefied existence. Now, as they perform vital work at Bletchley Park decoding intercepted Luftwaffe messages, their role in turning the tide of war in the Allies favour shows Evie and Rose they don’t have to settle for the life once laid out before them.


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