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Fun enemies to lovers contemporary #Romance – The Un-Arranged Marriage by Laura Brown

Title: The Un-Arranged Marriage

Author: Laura Brown

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, Entangled: Amara

Pub Date 28 Mar 2022 

Pages: 150


My Review:

What a fun enemies to lovers contemporary romance
With matchmaking best friends mothers taking a chance
They've wanted them to marry since they were born
But to this pair it was a hated big yawn!

With a family wedding in which both play a part
When Mark's car mysteriously just won't start
His mum sends Shaina to get him there
A three hour journey - they need both beware!

But the journey reveals an astonishing shock
That gives their views of the past one heck of a knock.
Shaina is hard of hearing and could never hear Mark
But he never knew till she makes an angry remark.

This discovery changes things for both the pair
And with change comes attraction of which both are aware.
Get ready for wedding competitions, family drama and fun
With this pair working together to get things done.

The family relationships are at the heart
With dreams and expectations causing folks to part.
A heart warming read where misunderstandings cause pain
But being honest and open can help heal again.

For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
An enemies first romance and this is my honest review.


Their mothers are the worst matchmakers…

Mark Goldman has never gotten along with Shaina Fogel. Ever. Even when they were in diapers, their bestie mothers wanted them to grow up and get married. Not happening. Mark prefers his quiet, reserved life. But a family wedding is about to change everything Mark thought he knew about his archnemesis.

A week of wedding events with Mark Goldman? Shaina would rather have a week of root canals. Maybe the guy is hot, but for their entire lives, he’s never once acknowledged the fact that she’s hard of hearing. So it comes as a massive surprise when she discovers that Mr. High-and-Mighty and Annoyingly Sexy simply didn’t know. And now she needs his help.

When it’s revealed that the weeklong wedding events are actually a weeklong competition—for a dream vacation—Mark and Shaina do the unthinkable: work together. And the second the animosity begins to fade, something even more electric takes its place. Only now it’s not just an attraction between enemies. And nothing could be worse than the fact that their mothers might have had it right…

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