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Not to be missed – The Wedding: A gorgeously uplifting and heartwarming romance by Rachel Griffiths

Just couldn’t resist this delightful read by one of my favourite authors – hope you can’t resist it, too!

When teacher Chloe Redgrave receives a text message out of the blue from her childhood best friend, she’s plunged into turmoil. Willow Treharne is getting married in the Cornish village where they grew up and wants Chloe to be her bridesmaid. The catch? They haven’t seen each other in years.

Willow hopes she’s done the right thing inviting Chloe to her wedding but after what happened more than a decade ago, she can’t be sure. However, she has a reason for wanting Chloe to be there and that overrides her doubts and concerns.

Surfer Theo Treharne is happy for his sister but also anxious about seeing Chloe again. After all, it’s been a long time since they spoke and they didn’t exactly part on good terms. Will he be able to stay calm when he sees the woman who broke his heart again?

As family and friends gather in the beautiful Cornish village for the romantic clifftop wedding, will there be smiles and laughter, or will the past prove to be too difficult to forget?

My Review:

This is a lovely, heartwarming second chance romance
That I highly recommend you give reading it a chance!
When her childhood and teen best friend, Willow, gets in touch
Asking Chloe to be her bridesmaid - is she asking too much?

It is more than a decade since Chloe and Willow last met
A time of troubles and heartbreak and they haven't spoken yet.
Willow's brother Theo is more confused about seeing Chloe again
They were previously a couple but their parting caused pain.

This is the story of the beautiful clifftop wedding and more
It is about facing up to the past and discussing what happened before.
It involves the community, families, friendships, dreams and hope,
Supporting each other, loving and helping each other cope.

I really enjoyed reading this delightful, emotive read
Showing that time and healing is often what we need.
A tale of true love mixed with times of sadness and grief
Supporting each other can help heal and bring relief.

Buy Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09WJKR2FG/

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