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Travel, fun, a bucket list to complete and friends -What Next? by Shari Low – #BlogTour

Two weeks, four friends and one big bucket list of secrets to unravel…

My Review:

This is the third story about a group of friends,
Who upon each other they can depend.
However, their lives have changed over the years
Now each of them has their own secrets and fears.

Aunt Val lost her best friend quite recently and now
Hopes to complete their joint bucket list holiday trip somehow.
She's enlisting the help of her niece and the best friends once more
So it is off to America they travel to explore!

Get ready to travel on an unforgettable journey,
One filled with friendship and support, you'll see.
But be prepared for surprises and so much more
As the friends support the 'Aunt' they all adore.

There is a thorough mix of anxiety, fears, laughter and fun
With them supporting each other when all is done.
Virtually visit iconic locations with these fantastic friends
And be ready for secrets and surprises before the story ends!

It is such a change to follow characters over the years
A great opportunity to share their happiness and tears.
For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
A lovely read and this is my honest review.


Val Murray and her best friend, Josie had been planning a ‘Thelma and Louise’ bucket list style holiday. Now Josie is gone, and Val needs to make the trip before it’s too late.

But Val doesn’t want to do it alone, so she enlists the help of her nieces, Carly and Carole, and their best pal, Jess, who jump at the chance to join Val on a trip of a lifetime.

What Val doesn’t realise is that Carly, Carole and Jess are all at turning points in their own lives, nursing crushing secrets, lies and betrayals.

Somewhere between Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York they all hit a crossroads and have to decide if they want to return to the lives they left behind or let Josie’s last wishes take them on a brand new adventure.

Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/3HK6xsc

Author Bio – 

Shari Low is the #1 bestselling author of over 25 novels, including One Day In Summer and My One Month Marriage and a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. She lives near Glasgow.

Social Media Links –  

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sharilowbooks/


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sharilowbooks/

Newsletter Sign Up: https://bit.ly/ShariLownews

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