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Another brilliant, riveting #CrimeThriller – The Lighthouse Girls by B.R. Spangler – #BooksOnTour

Title: The Lighthouse Girls

Series: Detective Casey White #6

Author: B.R. Spangler

Pub Day: April 22nd 2022  

Buy Links 

Amazon:  https://geni.us/B09SVBDNRHsocial

Apple: http://ow.ly/puLt50HZYH4

Kobo: http://ow.ly/Zqbb50HZYCZ

Googleplay: http://ow.ly/YkNX50HZYKS

My Review:

This is a story that grips you right from the start
An eight year old from her family is torn apart.
A visit to the fair should have been just fun
Now there are tears as the day is done.

A teenage girl's body then is found 
Washed up from the ocean onto the ground.
What happened to her and her sister, too?
Detective Casey White has a lot to do!

What happened to the missing child is a mystery
But maybe there are connections to past history?
Links to the past and present, too
Can Casey discover them and come to the rescue?

There's danger around and grief will ensue
But the teamwork will help them all pull through.
Get ready for twists and surprises galore
As this deadly case, the team explore.

Another riveting read in a series of brilliant crime thrillers
As Casey and the team seek to identify the killers.
It won't be a ride at the fun fair for them all
As they strive to ensure the perpetrator's downfall.

The ending is a total mix of sad and elation
Let's hope one day soon they'll be a celebration!
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
An intriguing read and this is my honest review.

About the Book: 

The girl shivers in the boat, trying to hold back her sobs as the man silently rows them towards the lighthouse under a dark sky. She thinks desperately of her big sister, how they’d laughed just a few hours before as they rode the Ferris wheel at the funfair. Will she ever see her again?

When the body of a teenage girl is found abandoned on a beach by a lighthouse in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Detective Casey White is first on the scene. Breaking the news to the heartbroken parents, Casey is distraught to learn of a second tragedy: the girl’s eight-year-old little sister Shawna is missing too.

Searching the lighthouse building, Casey soon finds traces that Shawna was kept there: her clothes, a teddy bear. Someone has been keeping her alive, but where have they taken her?

When she learns that the girls were together at a visiting funfair the night they were taken, Casey races to interview the workers, but is only met with silence and turned backs. Digging into old cases, Casey’s blood runs cold as she realises there’s been a murder in the same location as the travelling fair going back years.

Now the funfair has disappeared without trace. Thinking back to a shadowy figure she noticed by the hall of mirrors, Casey is certain when they find the fair, they will find the killer hiding in plain sight. But with the whole town terrified for their daughters, can Casey hunt them down before it’s too late for little Shawna?

An absolutely unputdownable thriller that will have you gasping at the twists and turns. Fans of Karin Slaughter, Lisa Gardner and Robert Dugoni will be completely addicted.

Author Bio:

B.R. Spangler is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Mysteries and Crime Thrillers.

A resident of Virginia with a wonderful family, including five cats, two birds and a lizard. During the day, the hours are filled with engineering work. Off hours, time is spent writing, editing, and thinking up the next great story.

With too many stories to write, books are split across pen names, writing crime thrillers, science fiction, horrors, paranormal and contemporary fiction.

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