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Intriguing read – Good Neighbours by Mary Grand

My Review:

Her failing marriage has Nia wanting time alone,
Time to think, consider and only be contacted by phone.
She travels from Wales to the Isle of Wight
Her aunt's home there is where she'll consider her plight.

She's expecting a place in which she can hide out of sight
But the neighbours welcome her even on her first night.
They seem such a helpful, friendly bunch
And even invite her to join them for lunch!

However there are secrets and surprises in store
When walking her dog along the shore.
A new friend she'd chatted with just last night
Is still there, but dead - not a pretty sight!

Looking carefully at the scene some things feel wrong
What niggles are causing unease all along?
What happened to her friend?
What - or who - caused her sad end?

As the police investigation gets underway
Twists and memories, lies and more come into play.
So many aren't telling the truth it seems to Nia,
She needs to find out what happened, that is clear.

An intriguing psychological thriller
With a possible neighbour as the killer?
Several family dramas involved as well
What will happen, I'll not tell!

For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
An intriguing read and this is my honest review.


It was meant to be a safe place to start again… 

In need of an escape from her failing marriage, Nia agrees to house-sit her aunt’s cottage on the Isle of Wight. She feels sure the cosy close in a quaint harbour town will be a safe place to hide and figure out what to do next. 

But things are not all as they seem in the close, and the neighbours who welcome her with open arms, are keeping secrets. When Nia finds the body of one of her new friends lying on the beach, she feels sickeningly sure that the killer is dangerously near to home.

Who killed her friend and why did she have to die? And if Nia discovers the answers she’s looking for, is she next on their hit list? Good neighbours may become good friends, but they can also make deadly enemies… 

Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/3pyRFpO

Author Bio – 

Mary Grand is the author of five novels and writes gripping, page-turning suspense, with a dark and often murderous underside. She grew up in Wales, was for many years a teacher of deaf children and now lives on the Isle of Wight where her novel, The House Party, which was published by Boldwood in July 2020, is set.

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One comment on “Intriguing read – Good Neighbours by Mary Grand

  1. Mary Grand
    May 19, 2022

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review xx


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