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Superb #Irish #CrimeThriller – Her Child’s Cry by S.A. Dunphy – #BooksOnTour

Title: Her Child’s Cry

Series: Boyle and Keneally #3

Author: SA Dunphy

Publisher: Bookouture

Published: May 18th, 2022

Pages: 343

My Review:

What a great Irish crime thriller this proved to be
In the Boyle and Keneally series this is book three.
This time their special team are called in once more
When an ill child disappears from the hospital floor.

The team has such diverse characters who
Together help discover, link and solve each clue.
However the twists from the past and history
All add to this enthralling mystery.

Why did they choose Rosie Blake to take?
Was it deliberate or a terrible mistake?
With the child needing continual treatment
Will the kidnappers actually relent?

This story has so many surprises as it unfolds
As secrets and motives begin to be told.
With the child's life in danger they're in desperate need
Of something to help them discover that vital lead.

A fascinating story keeping you on the edge of your seat,
With great characters and events its hard to beat.
I found it such an engaging read all the way
I really recommend you also read it some day.

For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
It's a superb crime thriller and this is my honest review.

Book Description:

‘I just want my little girl back. She’s so little, she needs her mummy. And she doesn’t even have her panda bear with her. Find her, please find her, before it’s too late.’

Little Rosie Blake has been taken. Since going missing from the hospital where she was being treated for cancer, Rosie’s distraught parents haven’t heard a word. And time is swiftly running out. They have to find her, and right away, because Rosie can only survive for ten days without her medication.

With the police unable to find any leads at all, criminal behaviourist Jessie Boyle and her team are brought in to help. Who would be so evil as to steal a sick child? Narrowing down on a suspect, Jessie quickly moves to arrest them, only to discover the suspect’s dead body instead… And with no Rosie in sight, the case becomes even more desperate.

Who killed their chief suspect, and where is Rosie now? And is Rosie’s disappearance linked to the sudden revival of Dublin’s Hellfire Club, an ancient and terrifying cult obsessed with death and human sacrifice?

As the race to find Rosie intensifies, her heartbroken parents know their little girl’s time is running out. The clock is ticking, but Jessie clings on to the hope of finding her safe. Then her search leads her to Ireland’s remote mountains… Will Jessie be able to survive the deadly threat that awaits her, rescue Rosie, and get her back to safety, before it’s too late?

An utterly compelling crime thriller that will have you hooked from the very first line. Fans of Patricia Gibney, Lisa Gardner and Lisa Regan will not want to miss this.

Buy Links:

Amazon: https://geni.us/B09RGGCJJTcover

Apple: http://ow.ly/PZAC50J4S0F 

Kobo: http://ow.ly/OmsA50J4S0E 

Google: http://ow.ly/nIL450J4S0C

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Author Bio:

Shane Dunphy (S. A. Dunphy) was born in Brighton in 1973, but grew up in Ireland, where he has lived and worked for most of his life. A child protection worker for fifteen years, he is the bestselling author of seventeen books, including the number one Irish bestseller Wednesday’s Child and the Sunday Times Bestseller The Girl Who Couldn’t Smile. His bestselling series of crime novels (written under the name S. A. Dunphy) feature the criminologist David Dunnigan. Stories From the Margins, his new series of true crime books written for Audible, has been critically acclaimed and the second title in the series, The Bad Place, is an Audible True Crime bestseller.

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You can sign up for all the best Bookouture deals you’ll love at: http://ow.ly/Fkiz30lnzdo

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