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Boyfriend Lessons by Sophia Singh Sasson

What happens when a shy socialite asks a man she just met, “Will you give me boyfriend lessons?” Find out in this Texas Cattleman’s Club: Ranchers and Rivals novel by Sophia Singh Sasson.

My Review:

Caitlyn Lattimore's fed up of being shy with men
Her friend suggests she has lessons, then starts again.
However, her friend's brother isn't who catches her eye
Instead its his best friend with whom the sparks fly!

Boyfriend lessons is what she asks for
And Dev agrees, though he'd like something more.
Can this shy heiress learn to take a chance
And will they together find romance?

With family secrets, beliefs, upsets and more
Together with cultural expectations at the fore,
A contemporary romance, that is true
But there's also a family mystery thread running through.

With surprises, worries and family demands
Can this love develop and each understand
Life isn't about just one person or another
It involves trust, compromise and love as they'll discover.

For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
A great addition to this series and this is my honest review

Official book description: Shy Lone Star heiress Caitlyn Lattimore is eager to ditch her wallflower status. So when her best friend playfully suggests she practice dating, Caitlyn goes one further. She asks friend of a friend Dev Mallik to give her boyfriend lessons. The spark between them soon turns fun into fire. But is Caitlyn setting herself up for heartbreak? Because Dev’s exacting parents want just the right woman for their son—and they aren’t so sure she’s the one…

Author bio: 

Sophia puts her childhood habit of daydreaming to good use by writing stories that will give you hope, make you laugh, cry and possibly snort tea from your nose. She was born in Mumbai, India, and has lived in the Canary Islands, Spain and Toronto, Canada. Currently she calls the madness of Washington, DC, home. She loves to read, travel to exotic locations, bake, scuba dive and watch Bollywood movies. Contact her through http://SophiaSasson.com

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