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The Reunion by Elizabeth Drummond

Title: The Reunion

Author: Elizabeth Drummond

Publisher: HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter

Pub Date 10 Jun 2022

Pages: 298

Rating: 2*

My Review:

The Head boy and girl from a private school
Don't get on at all, they're nothing cool.
She's wealthy, entitled, enjoys partying and fun
He's a scholarship nerd, always finds work to be done.

A decade later, they're opposites in so many ways
He still pans and lives to work, whilst she always plays.
A fake romance could help save them both and so
They agree to give it a go.

Get ready for shenanigans, disasters and lies,
And possible romance as the fur flies.
Working to a budget is not her scene
Other than the money, about it all she is not keen.

A supposedly enemies to friends romance
I kind of regret giving this book a chance.
I never got to like her at any point in this book,
He's kind of better, perhaps worth a look.

We all have different tastes, this is very true
So this maybe a winner, a great read for you.
Whilst the writing itself is good and flows,
For me, disliking the main characters and plot makes this a no. 

For my copy of this book, I say thank you,
This is - obviously - my honest review!


The brand new enemies-to-lovers romcom for fans of Mhairi McFarlane and The Love Hyphothesis.

‘A properly joyful caper of heads vying with hearts. Drummond had me laughing, ‘eeek!’ing and ‘aaah’ing, as Posy and Lucas navigate their fake-wedding planning, old animosities and new longings of the heart. A lovely funny uplifting read.’
Pernille Hughes

Two high school rivals. Ten years later. A vow not to fall in love . . .
School reunions: the perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends, dazzle old foes, and basically show everyone that your life could not be going better.
But for Lucas O’Rourke and Posy Edwins this isn’t quite the case. Lucas is about to lose his business unless he finds an investor fast, and Posy’s father has cut her off financially, just when she needs to get to Hawaii. And a reunion is the worst moment to come face-to-face with your rival. Ten years ago they hated each other, what could have changed since then?
As tensions rise, Posy comes up with a plan to solve both their problems, all she needs to do is persuade Lucas to go along with it. Trouble is, how do you ask your high school enemy to pretend you’re madly in love when everyone knows you don’t get along? And what happens when that plan involves a wedding, honeymoon and an old school bylaw stating that the school will pay for the entire event…
Surely Posy has thought everything through, hasn’t she?

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