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Brilliant #Interview with Alana Oxford author of Scotsman in the Stacks

So happy to welcome author Alana Oxford here today
And I'll take this chance my thanks to say.
She has kindly answered my questions and allowed me to
Share her answers with all of you!
So please continue to read on to find out more
About her book - and the inspiration that I adore!
It sounds like such a fun, great read
Could this be the next book that you also need?

Where did you get the inspiration for the book?

Scotsman in the Stacks is inspired by the real-life library romance of a friend of mine. We worked at the circulation desk of a public library together. One day, a really handsome man with an adorable accent walked in and asked her how to get a library card. It was 100% love at first sight for those two. They’ve always said I should write a book about them someday. 

This book is not the true story of what happened with them, but it is inspired by them. 

Their real-life love story is still going strong and I’m sure my characters, Paige and James, will have a long, happy, life together too. 

Do you write using pen and paper or on a computer?

Whenever I start a new book, I get a brand new notebook and just write whatever thoughts I have. Sometimes it’s character names, ages, birthdates, family members. Sometimes it’s a scene that pops into my head. Sometimes it’s just a list of possible things that could happen in the plot. Once I’ve written enough notes that I feel like I have an idea of what the story can be, I transfer to my laptop and begin the actual writing there. If I get stuck along the way, I always go back to the notebook and handwrite more thoughts, ideas, and questions until I feel confident enough to go back to the computer. 

What do you think is unique about your book?

I love to set my books in the US state of Michigan. I feel like the US is generally portrayed as being New York, California, or maybe the south. We have 50 states, after all. There’s something to love about each of them. I’m a lifelong Michigander and part of the fun of writing this book was trying to share the beauty of The Great Lakes State to people who may not be aware of it. 

Also, I know my book is far from high stakes. There’s no nail-biting drama, but that’s by design. I finished the first draft of this book in early March 2020, just before the world shut down. That first draft had a little more drama in it, but I was so busy with a lot of unexpected life situations in 2020 that I didn’t have time to revise until 2021. By then, I didn’t want to read or write about drama for the sake of drama. I just wanted a happy, safe, pleasant story with a few minor issues to resolve. Something that was completely different from the horrible headlines and constant uncertainty that was going on everywhere I looked. 

If you were a character in your story, which would you like to be?

I don’t think I’d like to be any of them, but I would definitely love to hang out with James for a day and listen to him talk. Even better if I could visit him and get a guided tour of Glasgow. It’s on my bucket list to get to Scotland one day. I think James would be the perfect personal tour guide. 

How and why did you choose the names for your main characters?

Honestly, I thought it would be perfectly punny to have a librarian named Paige. Normally, I would chuckle at my own silliness and move on, but this one stuck. 

James has been a name I’ve loved since I was a teenager. It was only a matter of time before that showed up as the name of a handsome love interest in one of my books. 


Paige wants two things: to land a full time librarian job and find the man of her dreams. On the cusp of thirty, she finds herself suddenly single and working part-time in a Michigan library. A handsome patron with a delicious accent appears at the reference desk, inadvertently sparking an idea that might help her land the promotion she so desperately needs. But that’s not the only thing he sparks.

James is in town from Glasgow, Scotland, on a summer artist residency. Luckily, the trip got him away from the pressure he feels to take over his uncle’s river tour business. He only wanted to clear his head and make his art in peace, but he wasn’t counting on finding an attractive librarian to fill his days.

With only eight weeks before James goes home to Scotland, Paige knows she should protect her heart. After all, she already wasted years with her commitmentphobe ex. But the more she gets to know James, the less she can stick to her plan to just be friends. Is she just wasting her time again, or can they bridge the ocean between them to find a happily ever after of their own?

Purchase Links

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Scotsman-Stacks-uplifting-closed-romcom-ebook/dp/B09Y2NCD2J

US – https://www.amazon.com/Scotsman-Stacks-uplifting-closed-romcom-ebook/dp/B09Y2NCD2J 

Author Bio:

Alana Oxford is a Michigan author of romcoms, sweet romance, and humorous women’s fiction. She wants her stories to bring sunshine and smiles to her readers. She enjoys improv comedy, moody music, everything book related, and has an ongoing love affair with the United Kingdom.

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