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Very different read, based on true events – The Girl From Jonestown by Sharon Maas

Title: The Girl From Jonestown

Author: Sharon Maas

Publisher: Bookouture

Pub Date 23 Jun 2022

Pages: 453

Rating: 3*

My Review:

A story based on something that happened years gone by
But shouldn't be forgotten, though it can make you cry.
A dramatic and heartbreaking read that takes you there
And puts you in the drama, ensuring you share.

A tragedy takes Zoe Quint back home
After years away during which she'd chance to roam.
She never anticipated what her return would reveal
As a lying cult leader has secrets he's trying to conceal.

Told through events and a journal from the past
This is a story that in your memory will last.
It is full of twists and turns as more is discovered
But can the folks there be saved and recovered?

With manipulation, danger and suspense
This is a story that is always tense.
So sad to realise so many events revealed are true
A moving story, though full of possible triggers, too.

For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review

Book Description:

The woman looked at me, anguish brimming in her eyes. I picked up the note she’d left and read the scrawl: HELP!!! Then: Mom. Followed by a number.

A gripping and heartbreaking read, based on the true story of the Jonestown cult, one of the darkest chapters in American history.

When journalist Zoe Quint loses her husband and child in a tragic accident, she returns home to Guyana to heal. But when she hears cries and music floating through the trees, her curiosity compels her to learn more about the Americans who have set up camp in a run-down village nearby. Their leader, Jim Jones, dark eyed and charismatic, claims to be a peaceful man who has promised his followers paradise.

But everything changes when Zoe meets one of his followers, a young woman called Lucy, in a ramshackle grocery store. Lucy grabs Zoe’s arm, raw terror in her eyes, and passes her a note with a phone number, begging her to call her mother in America.

Zoe is determined to help Lucy, but locals warn her to stay away from the camp, and as sirens and gunshots echo through the jungle at nightfall, she knows they are right. But she can’t shake the frightened woman’s face from her mind, and when she discovers that there are young children kept in the camp, she has to act fast.

Zoe’s only route to the lost people is to get close to their leader, Jim Jones. But if she is accepted, will she be able to persuade the frightened followers to risk their lives and embark on a perilous escape under the cover of darkness? And when Jim Jones hears of her plans, could she pay the highest price of all?

A powerful and unputdownable novel inspired by the true story of Jonestown, about a woman’s brave attempt to save people who were promised paradise but found only lies. Fans of Where the Crawdads SingBefore We Were Yours and The Girls will be captivated by The Girl from Jonestown.

Author Bio:

Sharon Maas was born to politically active parents in Georgetown, Guyana, in 1951. She was educated in England, Guyana, and, later, Germany. After leaving school, she worked as a reporter with the Guyana Graphic in Georgetown and later wrote feature articles for the Sunday Chronicle as a staff journalist. Sharon has always had a great sense of adventure and curiosity about the world we live in, and Guyana could not hold her for long. In 1971 she set off on a year-long backpacking trip around South America, followed by an overland trek to South India, where she spent two years in an ashram. She lived in Germany for forty-three years and now lives in Ireland. She is the author of The Violin Maker’s DaughterThe Soldier’s GirlHer Darkest Hour and many other novels.

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One comment on “Very different read, based on true events – The Girl From Jonestown by Sharon Maas

  1. Carla
    June 24, 2022

    I still remember Jonestown and how sad it all was. Not sure if this is a book for me or not. Great review, Elaine


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