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Delightful #RomCom and start to new series – Autumn in Sycamore Park by CP Ward

The first in a new romantic comedy series from CP Ward, author of Christmas at Marshmallow Café and Summer at Blue Sands Cove.

My Review:

A fresh start in a new town,
Leaving behind all that was getting her down.
A new school, new problems,
New places to explore and new friends.

Starting teaching in a new school is never easy, I know
But going in unaware of your class or curriculum? Just no!
What happened to objectives and schemes
No SPAG, SATs, targets or planning it seems!
After the rocky start, however, things start to work out
Settling in to her new job and locale is what it is all about.
Discovering places to eat, rest and play,
Especially after the long school day!

Getting to know your class and colleagues, too,
Finding folks to befriend and exploring places that are new,
Joining in with community issues and daring to dream
Maybe life can be much better than it had previously seem?

There's humour and laughter,
Alongside potential disaster.
Great characters to relate to
And possible love that's true!

A fun read whatever the season
Great to escape into for any reason!
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review


Having fled a relationship and a previous life she would rather forget, young teacher Jennifer Stevens throws herself into a demanding new job at Brentwell Primary. Charged with marshalling a group of unruly eight-year-olds to the autumn harvest festival, her only solace is the peace of nearby Sycamore Park.

As the evenings draw in and the leaves begin to fall, will new friends, delicious autumn treats, and a possible new man on the orange-tinted horizon help Jennifer finally come to terms with her past and begin to look forward into the future?

Autumn at Sycamore Park is another delightful romantic comedy from CP Ward, author of several popular seasonally themed novels. Set against a backdrop of warm autumn days, it offers everything fans of CP Ward’s other books have come to love: laughter, friendship, good times, and a hint of newly discovered love.

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Author Bio – CP Ward is a writer from the UK who currently lives and works in Nagano, Japan. For more information, please visit http://www.amillionmilesfromanywhere.net/cp-ward.html

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