Somewhere to review books I'm reading without giving away any spoilers!

#CoverReveal for Mystery in Provence by Vivian Conroy – can’t wait to read this!!

The most unputdownable new cozy mystery series brand new for 2022 – perfect for fans of Miss Fisher!

A new mystery series, coming soon, as Miss Ashford investigates
I don't know about you but I have to say, to read it I cannot wait!
It is written by an author I've read (and loved) books from before
And I thoroughly enjoyed so look forward to reading more!
I've read the blurb and the book titles, too,
My passport is ready and so am I - are you?

Mystery in Provence: (Miss Ashford Investigates, Book 1) by Vivian Conroy 

Agatha Christie meets Julie Caplin in this exciting new series that whisks you away to the most gorgeous escapist destinations!

A beautiful French estate
A wedding
A murder
And a novice detective intent on solving her first case!

Fresh from teaching at her prestigious Swiss boarding school, Miss Atalanta Ashford suddenly finds herself the most eligible young lady in society when she inherits her grandfather’s substantial fortune. But with this fortune, and an elegant new Parisian home, comes a legacy passed down from grandfather to granddaughter…sleuthing discreetly for Europe’s elite.

This young lady isn’t one to back down from a challenge and Miss Ashford must depend on her sharp wit and charm to solve her first case, which takes her to the lush lavender fields of Provence and a wedding at the mansion of the Comte de Surmonne.

Now, as murder strikes twice, Atalanta will have to race to solve the case but will she be able to stop the blushing bride from facing a fatal ‘I do’?

And now for the treat as the cover I share
Along with the series titles showing just where
This intrepid young lady is off to investigate
New sights and mysteries - I can't wait!

Look out for more Miss Ashford mysteries and get your passports ready as you travel with her to some of the most sought-after destinations on the continent…

Book 1: Mystery in Provence
Book 2: Mystery in Santorini
Book 3: Mystery in Salzburg
Book 4: Mystery in Tuscany

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