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This really is a gripping, intriguing read – The Girl on Wildfire Ridge by Leslie Wolfe

Title:        The Girl on Wildfire Ridge

Series: Detective Kay Sharp #4

Author:     Leslie Wolfe

Published:  August 3rd 2022

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UK: http://ow.ly/7ieU50K5bEs

US: http://ow.ly/zmtG50K5bEt

LISTEN HERE: http://ow.ly/Ms1G50K5bEr

My Review:

Right from the start this crime thriller had me
Enthralled, intrigued, turning pages, you'll see.
I didn't want anything to interrupt or make me put it down
Any queries and calls were definitely met with a frown!

In Mount Chester a seventeen year old girl disappears
Her parents are dreading news, the worst of their fears.
When her body is found, from a cliff she fell
Did she jump, was she pushed, who can tell?

Detective Kay Sharp is there at the scene
Its clear she was murdered, what could the clues mean?
Get ready for shocking revelations and discoveries, too,
Making you worried about more victims and guessing just who.

It is such a dramatic story with great characters, too,
With threads from Kay's past also coming through.
Along with cyberbullying, parents, secrets and more
As the detectives decipher the clues with twists to explore.

It truly is a very gripping crime thriller read
If you enjoy this genre, this is one book you'll need.
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.


Her face, beautiful even in death, gazed open-eyed at the azure sky. Her brown, silky hair fanned around her head, bringing out the pallor of her skin. Her lips were slightly parted as if she was still breathing, as if she was whispering her goodbyes.

On a hot summer’s day, the sleepy town of Mount Chester is thrown into turmoil when seventeen-year-old local girl Jenna goes missing. Within hours, the case takes an agonizing turn when her body is discovered in the isolated mountains.

Detective Kay Sharp rushes to the scene, hiking for miles to the base of Wildfire Ridge. From the markings on Jenna’s body, it’s clear that she was brutally murdered. Near the victim, Kay finds a butterfly-shaped hair clip with a set of fingerprints that could be a vital clue.

In the hunt for the truth, Kay turns the small town upside down. She learns that Jenna changed dramatically over the past months, no longer the popular girl who always wore a smile on her face. Kay is certain whatever happened to Jenna recently must be the key to her death.

When forensics from the butterfly hair clip comes back, the fingerprints don’t match Jenna’s. Then Kay makes a breakthrough that turns her blood to ice. Jenna was in contact with someone linked to Kay’s own past—and the secret she has spent the last sixteen years burying. If the truth comes out, it could destroy her.

With the clock ticking, and every minute critical, Kay is up against the toughest case of her career. Can she risk everything to confront the past she has been running from, and save another innocent girl before it’s too late?

Thrillers don’t get more addictive than this! You’ll race through this gripping page-turner, your heart pounding, as you’re hit with twist after twist. Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Karin Slaughter and Rachel Caine.

Author Bio:

Leslie Wolfe is a bestselling author whose novels break the mold of traditional thrillers. She creates unforgettable, brilliant, strong women heroes who deliver fast-paced, satisfying suspense, backed up by extensive background research in science, technology, and psychology. Her engaging writing style and addictive story lines have made Leslie one of the most read authors in the genre.

Leslie Wolfe lives in Florida with her husband, “the Wolfe,” and their dog. She enjoys engaging with her readers every day, exchanging emails and Facebook postings.

Author Social Media Links:

Website: www.WolfeNovels.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLeslieWolfe

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/LWNovels

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wolfe.leslie/

Bookouture Email Sign Up: https://www.bookouture.com/leslie-wolfe

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