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This Is Us by Helen McGinn

A story about friends, sisters, motherhood and starting again – one day at a time…

My Review:

Marry in haste, repent at your leisure?
The story of Stella and Simon's romance is initially pleasure,
But more than a decade - and three children later - it seems
That suddenly Simon has other dreams.

What should you do when your husband leaves?
No real explanation, no reason, no time to grieve.
What's worse is he vanishes without trace
Leaving a huge vacuum in his place.

Stella goes through the feelings of loss and grief
But the support of family and friends help bring relief.
Next comes anger at what he has done then
Time to begin attempting starting over again.

Some detective work, a holiday, a business to run,
Plates spinning, Stella has little time for fun.
But with the support network running a full speed,
They're all there to support her in her time of need.

A heartwarming story, with laughter and more
As the relationships the story does gently explore.
There's personal growth, and holidays, too,
As Stella rebuilds her life anew.

This isn't a romance but is so much more
With friendship, motherhood and family at its core.
A moving story that is a memorable read
Perhaps it could be just the book that you need?

For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
A gentle, relaxing read and this is my honest review.


Stella fell in love with Simon hard and fast. He was everything she wanted in a husband, and he seemed to feel the same way about her. More than a decade of marriage later, life is sweet. They have three much-wanted children, a successful business, and a comfortable London home. What more could Stella possibly want?

But then, out of the blue, Simon is gone. Vanished. No one knows where he’s gone or why.

Now Stella, with the help of her friends and family, has to pick up the pieces of her and her children’s life, all the while wondering what she missed. Was her husband who he said he was, and can she trust her own memories of their life together?

Helen McGinn’s latest novel is a love story to friendship, sisters, motherhood and starting again – one day at a time. Perfect for fans of Elizabeth Noble, Cathy Kelly and JoJo Moyes.

Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/3OzVFA6

Author Bio – 

Helen McGinn is a much-loved wine expert on TV and in print and an international wine judge. She spent ten years as a supermarket buyer sourcing wines around the world before setting up her award-winning blog (and now best-selling wine book) The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club. She is the drinks writer for the Daily Mail and regularly appears on TV’s Saturday Kitchen and This Morning. Helen lives in the New Forest.

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