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Brilliant #Paranormal #RomanticSuspense – Under a Wicked Moon by Zoe Forward

Title: Under a Wicked Moon

Series: The Crown’s Wolves #2

Author: Zoe Forward 

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Published: October 17th 2022

My Review:

A very different paranormal romantic suspense
In which the atmosphere is always tense.
It starts with a prison where
There are experiments on a special pair.

Two lycans are trapped in a cell.
With collars on to ensure they do as their captors tell.
There's attraction between them but it is too soon -
Can they resist the call of the moon?

A story with lycans, vampires and magic, too
As the cursed brothers resent being told what to do.
Especially when those orders seem to be
Leading them to dangers as you'll see.

An enthralling read as the story unfolds
With brothers - and sisters - proving so bold.
Though there is more than one romance
You're not sure if one will be given a chance.

A story full of unexpected surprises and so
It is one I highly recommend you also give it a go!
For my complementary copy of this book I give a huge thank you.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and this is my honest review.


They are the ultimate weapon. The ultimate secret. They are the Crown’s wolves.

Lycan Ky Lanzo is bound by the Crown’s command. His latest mission directive was deceptively simple. Get yourself caught. Now, Ky’s been bound, drugged, and collared by an unknown enemy in a facility that knows enough about him to neutralize his lycan strength and his telekinetic magic. But he’s not alone in his cell. Because there’s someone else with him. Someone exquisite. Someone altogether forbidden…

For Vivi Kinley, another month gone by means another full moon trapped in a cell with a moon-crazed lycan. There once was a time I’d never kill a living creature. Only, Ky is different. He’s powerful, latently sexy…and wanting him is dangerous trouble. Because sexual attraction is exactly what their captors want—and it’ll be an icy day in hell before she’ll allow it.

Now, Vivi and Ky have one chance at escape and to discover what twisted organization did this to them—and make them pay. The good news is that Ky might have found his near-impossible lycan mate. The bad news is that she might be programmed to kill them all… 

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