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Gorgeous, heartwarming read – Friendships Begin in Tenerife by Ian Wilfred – brill start to new series!

My Review:

A new series makes a brilliant start
As moves to Tenerife take part.
For new friendships there is now a chance
As well as the opportunity for romance!

A new hotel opening, a relaxing place
With no children there to up the pace.
Setting up isn't easy, new staff to find
And old plans, perhaps, to leave behind?

Families, relationships, so much to do,
New guests, new places, so much to go through!
New dreams are inspired as the story is told
And relationships change as everything starts to unfold.

A heartwarming story in a glorious setting, too,
With great characters sharing what life's putting them through.
Lives change as they get to know others
Especially for a couple of brothers!

With family drama, secrets and surprises, too
This is a book I highly recommend to you!
I thoroughly enjoyed virtually visiting Tenerife once more
Recognising some locations as the characters explore.

A great story in which to escape for a while
Leaving you wearing a huge smile.
Now I can't wait the sequel to read
It is a book that I really now need.


ELENA was leaving Lanzarote and heading to Tenerife after having been promoted to her dream job. Her life was complete, or so she thought.

VERONICA knew her life had to change after losing her husband of 50 years. She needed to carve out a new life for herself, and with a little help from her grandson Mikey, their lives were about to change forever.

FAYNA was off to visit her daughter Elena in Tenerife, the island she should have never left all those years ago.

KARINA was happy with her life, but would she be able to cope with a wonderful opportunity which comes her way?

CARLOS and SALVA are brothers who differ in many ways. However, there is something they both want, but will either succeed in getting it?

Friendships Begin in Tenerife containing secrets, romance and new beginnings, but above all it’s all about friendships

2 comments on “Gorgeous, heartwarming read – Friendships Begin in Tenerife by Ian Wilfred – brill start to new series!

  1. Joanne
    November 7, 2022

    Love this rhyming review!


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