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American Mother by Gregg Olsen – Engaging #TrueCrime

My Review:

Whilst most books I read are fictional I know
I also decided to give this true crime read a go.
The author is one whose fictional books I've read
So I decided to give this one a go instead!

 What an intriguing set of cases this proved to be
With so many discrepancies told by this family.
Who could be the killer(s) and just why?
As more stories are shared and many lie!

Tampered bottles of pills, but what's the source?
More importantly, who put the cyanide in, of course!
With clues, deceit, secrets and more
This book in story form endeavours to explore.

The author shares the timeline of events and characters so
You feel glad they're folks you don't really know.
There are plenty of surprises and shocks, too
As he shares this real-life case with you.  

The family backgrounds and their relationships all seem
To be a dysfunctional, disturbing and frightening nightmare dream.
It is a detailed account, a historical true crime-thriller
As justice is sought for both victims of the killer(s).

For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review. 



From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of If You Tell comes the absolutely unputdownable and chilling true-crime story of Stella Nickell—a mother and wife who did the unthinkable… and the unforgivable.

At 5.02 pm on June 5, 1986, an emergency call came into the local sheriff’s office in the small town of Auburn, Washington State. A distressed housewife, Stella Nickell, said her husband Bruce was having a seizure. Officers rushed to the Nickell’s mobile home, to find Stella standing frozen at the door… Bruce was on the floor fighting for his life.

As Stella became the beneficiary of over $175,000 in a life insurance pay-out, forensics discovered that Bruce had consumed painkillers laced with cyanide.

A week later, fifteen-year-old Hayley was getting ready for another school day. Her mom, Sue, called out ‘I love you’ before heading into the bathroom and moments later collapsed on the floor. Sue never regained consciousness, and the autopsy revealed she had been poisoned by cyanide-tainted headache pills. Just like Bruce.

While a daughter grieved the sudden and devastating loss of her mother, a young woman, Cindy, was thinking about her own mom Stella. She thought about the years of neglect and abuse, the tangled web of secrets Stella had shared with her, and Cindy contemplated turning her mom into the FBI…

Gripping and heart-breaking, Gregg Olsen uncovers the shocking true story of a troubled family. He delves into a complex mother-daughter relationship rooted in mistrust and deception, and the journey of the sweet curly-haired little girl from Oregon whose fierce ambition to live the American Dream led her to make the ultimate betrayal.

A sensational real-life mystery, American Mother will hook those fascinated by The Staircase and Making of a Murderer.

This book was originally published as Bitter Almonds.

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