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#Interview Jessie Wells, with author of The Good News Gazette

Jessie Wells is welcome here today
Read on to discover what she had to say!
She's kindly answered my questions you'll see
About her book and how it came to be.
Here's you chance to discover how
She was inspired and has written it now.
There's also more about the book
And its author, too, please take a look!

Where did you get the inspiration for the book/series?

It was a combination of factors. When I pitched The Good News Gazette series to One More Chapter, it was in 2019, before anyone had ever heard of Covid.

Even back then, it often felt as though we were being hit by a constant wave of bad news, either through mainstream media or through social media, and I found it to be unnerving and draining.

For some years, Liverpool journalist Rebecca Keegan had been featuring only positive local news through a web-based tabloid newspaper called Good News Liverpool, and I was intrigued by how that might work for a woman trying to do something similar in a smaller town who had her own personal challenges to deal with. So, there was no lightbulb moment exactly, more a gentle progression of ‘what if’s’.

What is your writing process?

My day job involves me working as an independent financial adviser, so most of my writing has to be done out of hours, usually at 5.30am before anyone else in the house gets up. I tiptoe downstairs, feed the cats, make a cup of coffee, then spend the next hour trying to keep our ‘teenage’ kitten off the keyboard with one hand, while writing with the other.

Do you write using pen and paper or on a computer?

A computer. I love using pen and paper, but years of working as a journalist meant I got touch-typing down to a fine art. It would probably take me a decade to complete a book if I used pen and paper to write it.

Who is your favourite character out of your stories and why?

I’m torn on this question. I love the protagonist of The Good News Gazette, Zoe, because I think her problems are similar to those faced by many women who are trying to juggle life, motherhood and work. But I’m also intrigued by Daniel, the property developer who holds the fate of Zoe’s home town in her hands, and his motivation for behaving in the way that he does.

If you were a character in your story, which would you like to be?

I would like to be Ollie, who works alongside Zoe on The Good News Gazette. He’s a happy soul, full of life and fun, and he’s not afraid to look ridiculous as long as he’s ‘on trend’!

The Good News Gazette can be found at all of the usual outlets, including Waterstones, WHSmith, Blackwells., Bookshop.org, Foyles, Amazon and Hive.

Thank you for answering my questions here
And writing a story that sounds full of good cheer!

Synopsis for The Good News Gazette:

Because we all need something to smile about!

She may be down but don’t count this determined single mum out just yet…

Nine years ago, Zoe Taylor returned from London to the quiet hamlet of Westholme with her tail between her legs and a bun in the oven. Where once her job as a journalist saw her tearing off to Paris at a moment’s notice after a lead, now the single mum covers the local news desk. At least, she did…until she’s unceremoniously let go.

When Zoe invites her friends over to commiserate, wine and whining soon turns into something more… and before the night is out she’s plotted her next step: The Good News Gazette.

Now, as a developer threatens to force Westholme into the twenty-first century, Zoe’s good news movement finds her leading a covert campaign as a community crusader. She may have started The Good News Gazette as a way to save herself, but she might just be able to save Westholme in the process…

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Author Bio – 

Jessie Wells lives with her husband and two children in Merseyside. She has always written in some form, and previously worked as a journalist on the Liverpool Echo and Sunday Mirror and as a freelancer for various national women’s magazines and newspapers before moving into finance. She loves nothing more than getting lost in her imaginary worlds, which are largely filled with romance, communities bursting with character and a large dose of positivity.

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