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Fantastic, fun #Children’s book – Here Comes Hercules by Stella Tarakson, illustrated by Nick Roberts

Title: Here Comes Hercules

Series: Hopeless Heroes #1

Author: Stella Tarakson

Illustrator: Nick Roberts

Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing

Pub Date February 22nd, 2018

Pages: 208


When Tim Baker breaks his mum’s favourite vase, it’s the least of his problems. The Greek hero he’s released is in danger of doing far worse. To the flowers, the rug—Oh, no! Not the kitchen!

Hercules is only trying to be helpful but he’s just hopeless. It’s time to send this dim demigod home before Tim becomes ancient history.

My Review:

Looking for a fun, children's book to read
This one could be just the one that you need!
Instead of rubbing the lamp to get a genie
This has Tim Baker accidentally seeming to be a meanie.

Tim loves his Mum and does all that he can
To help her out - well that's his plan.
However when her vase he accidentally breaks
It isn't long till devastation overtakes!

No genie is released in this story you'll find,
It is Hercules instead, who'd like to be kind.
However, he's hopeless and causes a furore 
As his helping proves disastrous more and more!

What's worse is Tim gets the blame for the trouble
And it is difficult to clear, even working at the double.
However, this hero from Ancient History,
Could be useful in solving a different mystery.

With great illustrations and plenty going wrong
This is a great read, the kind for which children long.
For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
What a fabulous children's read - and this is my honest review.

P.S. Another book by this author that I enjoyed before is Tim Baker and the Ancient Curse –

check out what I wrote about it here!

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