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Moving, Fun, #Paranormal #Romance and #FamilyDrama – A Ghost in Shining Armour by Therese Beharrie

My Review:

This is a romance with a paranormal twist you'll soon see
Because when Gemma Daniels turned eighteen
She had a unique gift, unlike you and me
For her ghosts became something to be seen!

This doesn't normally cause problems in her life
Until an encounter at her best friends hen party night
One that will cause her strife!
For, in front of her pals, she kisses him in a bar - what a fright!

Somehow all her friends can also see him now
She can't explain it - and nor can he
But he's handsome, hot and attractive - wow!
What'll happen next I couldn't wait to see.

With challenges, rules and more besides,
These two have much to do, it seems
How can she fall in love with someone who has already died?
Is this a nightmare or the stuff of dreams?

If you're looking for a fun read
With plenty of family drama as well
This could be the book you need
I really enjoyed it, hope you can tell!

For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.


Once haunted…

Gemma Daniels has never been quite the “down to earth” woman her adoptive parents raised her to be. She even has a unique gift: she can see ghosts—and she likes helping them settle their unfinished business. But the hotter-than-hot stranger she impulsively kisses on a bet is not only a phantom, he’s determined to help her. And the only way Gemma can explain his presence is to pretend they’re a real-life couple…

Twice shy…

Levi Walker lived—and died—to save his sister. Now he’s got a second chance at life if he assists Gemma in reuniting with her own long-lost sibling… and then never sees Gemma again. But as he starts to enjoy her irrepressible personality, he’s finding it hard to abide by any rules at all…

Third time’s the unforgettable charm…

Gemma is thrilled to be getting to know her sister, but it causes a family rift she may not be able to heal. On top of that, she’s falling for a ghost with a dilemma. For Levi must decide what loyalty—and living—is truly all about. To fix their mistakes, Gemma and Levi must risk being real with themselves—and each other—if they’re ever to claim true love…

Book Information

Pub Date 27 Jan 2023

Publisher: HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter

Pages: 320

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