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Intriguing – Murder in the Highlands by Debbie Young

My Review:

Going to meet the parents can be stressful, its true,
But when accidents keep happening, what should you do?

A trip home for Sophie, with Hector this time
Stopping at Gretna Green en route shouldn't be a crime!
However, they're ready for a break away
So will put up with the gossip for many a day.

En route there are incidents that don't make sense
And leave both Sophie and Hector feeling tense!
When someone they spoke to ends up dead
They start to wonder what's happening and feeling dread.

There's more to come as the story begins to unfold -
Accidents, incidents and mysteries untold.
Poor Hector appears to be the target - but why?
Let's hope they can solve it before someone else has to die!

With beautiful scenery and lots to do
This is a fun read all the way through.
Explore Loch Ness and other places, too,
With books, family drama and surprises for you.

I just wish there was an epilogue with answers to see
What happens next in the uncovered mystery!
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.


Sophie and Hector are heading to the Highlands.

For Sophie it’s a trip home and for Hector it’s time to meet Sophie’s parents… Though their trip has village tongues wagging about a stop at Scotland’s notorious elopement spot, Gretna Green.

No matter what, it’ll make a nice break from the murder and mayhem that has been plaguing their beautiful Cotswolds village. But Sophie and Hector are barely on the road before they’re being hassled by reckless drivers and at their first rest stop a body is discovered.

Then comes a series of ‘accidents’ that leave poor Hector a little worse for wear. Is someone after Hector? Who could even know he was in the Highlands?

Accidents or not, can they find some way to keep Hector safe?

Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/3CmKCa4

Author Bio – 

Debbie Young is the much-loved author of the Sophie Sayers and St Brides cosy crime mysteries. She lives in a Cotswold village where she runs the local literary festival, and has worked at Westonbirt School, both of which provide inspiration for her writing. She is bringing both her series to Boldwood in a 13-book contract. They will be publishing several new titles in each series and republishing the backlist, starting in September 2022.

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3 comments on “Intriguing – Murder in the Highlands by Debbie Young

  1. Debbie Young
    March 20, 2023

    This is fabulous! I’ve never had a review in verse before – thank you so much!
    Best wishes, Debbie xx

    Liked by 1 person

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