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The (ex) Spy Who (maybe) Loved Me by Christi Barth

My Review:

A fog bound flight
A fling for a night
So what happens when
They meet again?
Having to work together
A storm to weather?

A fresh start in his late Aunt's home and town
In a competition, determined not to let her down.
Wyatt Keene needs a fresh start
And a chance to develop his art.

Scientist Blake Montgomery is shocked to discover
Her competition partner is her one night lover.
They weren't meant to meet again
But their chemistry is hot - what a pain!

Get ready for shenanigans and surprises, too,
As ex-spy Wyatt decides what to do.
There's laughter and mystery as the story unfolds
As well as secrets that need to be told.

Can hiding what he did in the past
Mean their relationship just cannot last?
A great fun read and a mini spy thriller, too,
Where lies can mean trouble for these two.

For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.


NYC is exactly what scientist Blake Montgomery needs. A little decadence and a whoooole lot of anonymity, well away from the prying eyes of her charming, touristy small town of Swan Cove. Now, at the end of a whirlwind trip, she has one final thing to cross off her to-do list: a sexy fling. And the hot, green-eyed stranger at the Maine airport bar might be her perfect one-night stand. Until, of course, he shows up in her town the very next day.

Wyatt Keene is just an average guy—now. But four days ago, he was a black ops intelligence agent who spent fifteen years being someone—anyone—except himself. For one hot night, Blake makes him forget he’s supposed to start his life all over again…as himself. Talk about mission impossible.

Except suddenly Wyatt and Blake are not only stuck in the same town together, but also sharing the same office, and there’s no escaping their scorching hot chemistry. Wyatt’s trying to convince everyone, especially Blake, that he’s just a normal guy—whatever that means. But nothing spells danger like trying to start a relationship with an ex-spy who hasn’t quite left his old life behind…

Additional book information:

Published: March 20, 2023

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, Entangled: Amara

ISBN: 9781649373915 

ISBN10: 1649373910

150 pages

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