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Fun Second Chance Romance with a runaway bride! – No Rings Attached by Mona Shroff

Title: No Rings Attached

Series: Once Upon a Wedding

Book 1: The Five-Day Reunion
Book 2: Matched by Masala
Book 3: No Rings Attached
Book 4: The Business Between Them

Author: Mona Shroff

Publisher: Harlequin – Romance (U.S. and Canada)Harlequin Special Edition

Pub Date: 28 Mar 2023

My Review:

What happens when you change your mind on your wedding day?
For wedding planner, Sangeeta Parikh, it means she runs away!
Leaving her groom and her family behind her there
She runs away but doesn't take good care.

An injury, nothing there to help, till she is rescued
By a chef she discovers makes the tastiest food.
Not only that but they met before
And the video of this encounter is viral before she's entered the door!

Dealing with the outfall from her running away,
Sorting out somewhere safe for her to stay.
An offer, a chance, for a fresh start,
If only she'll agree to lie and play her part.

A story of a fake relationship that soon feels real
Could this become for them a true deal?
A second chance romance they're trying to resist
In this heartwarming read that's not to be missed.

There's family drama, celebrations, romance and strife,
As this story gives an insight into Hindu family life.
A lovely story, a delightful read
I hope it is one you'll soon need.

For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.


No love. No commitment. No problem, right?

Fleeing her own nuptials wasn’t part of wedding planner Sangeeta Parikh’s design for her life. Neither was stumbling into chef Sonny Pandya’s arms, nor the video that went viral. Now they’re an internet sensation! So why not fake the relationship with no commitment? Sangeeta can save face and her job, and Sonny gets needed exposure for his restaurant. It’s a good plan for two commitmentphobes…until all that pretend hand-holding and kissing start to feel real.

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

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