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Authors – Interviews and Guest Posts

Have you ever wished you could ask an author about themselves or their writing? More than one hundred authors have very kindly agreed to answer just such questions . . . . or have written a guest post which appears on this blog 🙂

Here are previous contributors, click on their name to see their responses! See if your favourite author has participated yet (the authors are listed in alphabetical order of their surname) – or even if they’ve done so more than once!

A:   Kerry AdrienneKristin Anderson    | Kira Archer (1)   |   Kira Archer (2)    |    Elley Arden  

B:  Brian Paul Bach  |    Sue Barnard  (1)   |    Sue Barnard (2)   |  Chuck Barrett     |     Shelly Bell    |      Robin Bennett  (1)  |  Robin Bennett (2)   |      Marnee Blake (1)   |   Marnee Blake (2)   |  Karina Bliss   |   Patty Blount    |    Linda Bond    |    Charles V Breakfield     |    Kristine Bria     Elle Brookes   |    Boone Brux   |    Roxanne E Burkey     | Sophia Wasiak Butler

C:  Jackie Carreira    |   DN Carter    |    Sarah Castille   |   Kerri Carpenter   |    Jennifer Chance    |      Nicky Clifford   |   Meredith Connor   |   Robin Covington    |     Nina Crespo     |     Laurie Boyle Crompton

D:   Kaitlyn Davis     |     Lia Davis  (1)   |    Lia Davis (2)   

E:    Robert Eggleton

F:    Hannah Fielding   |    Virginia Flint   |  Veronica Forand  (1)  |    Veronica Forand (2) |   Karen Furk

G:   J.A. George   |     Tamara Gill     |      Sherilee Gray  |     R Griffiths

H:    Roni Hall   |   Colleen Halverson   |    Sharon Hamilton    |     Kristi Hancock    |   Kate Hardy   |   Elizabeth Harmon   |    Elizabeth Harmon (2)     |  Connie Y Harris    |     Christine Hart (1)     |    Christine Hart  (2)  |    Janet Elizabeth Henderson     |      Dave Holwill  |   Lauren Bird Horowitz   |     Mary Hughes

J:     Kyra Jacobs  |     Mike Jalland     |    C.S. Johnson

K:    Melissa Kate   |    Rob Keeley   |  Lisa Kessler (Interview)  |   Lisa Kessler (Guest Post)  |     Lisa Kessler (Guest Post 2)  |    Joan Kilby   |    Samantha Ann King    |    Kathryn Knight   

L:    Charlie Laidlaw   |   Soraya Lane   |  Connie Lansberg     |   Bjørn Larssen     |   Caroline Lee   |   HA Leuschel    |  Jodi Linton    |    Heather Long  (1)  |   Heather Long (2)

M:    Joanne Macgregor   |   Jennifer Macaire   |    Michelle Madow    |      Angela March     |     Jennie Marts   |  Sarah Mayberry   |   Tiffany McDaniel   |  KJ McGillick    |  Susan Meier   |    Lesley Meryn     |    Pamela Mingle   |    Paul Mitchener  |  Jeannie Moon   |     Sue Moorcroft     |  Isabella Muir   |   Michael Murphy   

N:    Susan Navas    |   Rebecca E Neely   |    Lisa Nicholas    |    Sandra Nikolai   |   Lea Nolan   

P:    Lindsey Paley   |   Jane Peden    |    Nick Pengelley  

R:   Alyssa Richards    |    Ralph Robb     |     Katee Robert (1)  |    Katee Robert (2)   |     Katee Robert (3)     |   Suzie T Roos    |     Shae Ross    |   Shae Ross (GP)

S:    Susan Sands    |       Jamie K Schmidt     |      Liesel Schmidt      |     Michelle Sharp    |    Cindy Skaggs     |     K. N. Smith   |   John Steinberg   |  Jillian Stone     |       Colleen M. Story     

T:  Susan Broda Jane Tamburi    |   Rebecca Thomas(1)   |   Rebecca Thomas (2) |   Rebecca Thomas – July 2016  |     Linda Thomas-Sundstrom      |      Beth Trissell   | Tiffany Truitt 

V:   Yan Vana   

W:   Jody Wallace     |     Michael Weekly    |    Malcolm Welshman   |     CJ Whitely     |    Christi J. Whitney   |    TA Williams  (1) |  TA Williams (2)  |   Stacy Wise

 Many thanks to all these fabulous authors for contributing to my reading pleasure and to this blog!

P.S. Having been alerted by the real author to their work being plagiarised and published under an different name, I have deleted all content relating to the plagiaries and their author from this blog.

PPS. If a link doesn’t take you to the actual post it may well be because the post isn’t scheduled to be live yet. I may well forget to update this date list but will try to catch up when I remember!

6 comments on “Authors – Interviews and Guest Posts

  1. Charlotte Brown
    November 28, 2015

    Are you a publishing company and if so, do you take submissions?


    • bicted
      November 29, 2015

      No, just someone who enjoys reading and sharing my reviews of what I’ve read!


  2. Natasha
    May 26, 2016


    We currently have a book that we would love you to review.

    I can send you an email attachment of a Word document or I could deliver it via Kindle.

    Please may I have your email address to send the information?

    Kind regards


    Natasha McCann
    Admin Experts Online
    07920 772423


    • bicted
      October 23, 2016

      If you use the contact form on my Giving Space to Authors page, I’ll get back to you via email 😄


  3. RB
    October 23, 2016

    I would like to get in touch regarding my upcoming Christmas book. Can you please provide an email id where I can contact you? Thanks.


    • bicted
      October 23, 2016

      If you use the contact form on my Giving Space to Authors page, I’ll get back to you via email 😄


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