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My #Review of The Rue Stone by Janet Stock #Fantasy #Novella #BlogTour @rararesources

  The rue is a mysterious and rare being who is rarely seen, and Janna is amazed when one arrives at the inn where she works, looking for a room. … Continue reading

September 17, 2020 · 1 Comment

#Promo for Tales of the What the F*ck by DA Watson

Billionaire terminal cancer patient John Longmire’s going to die today, and he’s going out in style in the classiest euthanasia clinic in the world. But the strange nurse with the … Continue reading

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Why Ball Wouldn’t Bounce by Ron Roecker #Review #Children’sBook #PictureBook

Title: Why Ball Wouldn’t Bounce Series: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other Author and Illustrator: Ron Roecker Published: January 1st, 2020 Pages: 24 Rating: 5/5   Feeling different can be be … Continue reading

January 1, 2020 · 1 Comment

Lottie Sparkles Magical Discovery by Petra Quelch #Review #Children’s #BlogTour

  Who wouldn’t like a magical jacket? Lottie Sparkles is a little girl who loves everything sparkly,mainly clothes. Anything plain or dirty is a disgrace in Lottie s mind! When … Continue reading

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50 Dinosaur Tales by Sabrina Ricci with Garret Kruger #Review #Facts #BlogTour

  50 Dinosaur Tales: And 108 More Discoveries From the Golden Age of Dinos “Gualicho takes a bite out of the ornithopod’s back as it runs away from her, causing it … Continue reading

October 8, 2019 · 2 Comments

Pufferfish Adventures: Mike Saves the Day by JT Hobbs #Review #Children’s #Picture

Title: Mike Saves the Day Series: Pufferfish Adventures Author: JT Hobbs Illustrator: Michael Terry Published: September 28th, 2019 Pages: 19 Rating: 4.5/5*   My Review: What a delightful children’s picture … Continue reading

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Pedalo Pandemonium by Amanda Paull

My Review This is a laugh out loud novella which starts with Laura and Ben journeying on holiday to a quiet Spanish fishing village on the island of Mallorca, leaving … Continue reading

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#GuestPost A Handful of Superlative Writers by Mike Jalland 

A Handful of Superlative Writers by Mike Jalland  Recently I have enjoyed re-reading many old books from my substantial collection and would like to share what I consider are some … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Traveler by Clara L Molina #Review #SciFi #BlogTour

Confessions of a Traveler: The Observations of Alien 597 Grotesque insect looking beasts, which burst out of your chest, and have acid for blood. Grey and short aliens with big … Continue reading

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The Lost Boy by Tim Constable and Ian Campbell #Review #Children #Teachers #BlogTour

Title:  The Lost Boy Series: The Adventures of Billy Bog Brush Author: Ian Campbell & Tim Constable Release Date: 15th August 2019 Genre: Picture Book Page Count: 40 Publisher: Clink … Continue reading

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