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Guest Post: My Inspiration by Tiffany Truitt

My Inspiration by Tiffany Truit

Tiffany TruittMuch like the heroine, Annabel, in my first New Adult book, Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart, I wasn’t much of a dare taker in my late teens/early twenties. During high school, I took five AP classes and was president of my school’s Drama Club. My craziest nights consisted of yelling “Macbeth” inside the theater (a HUGE no-no in the theater world…major bad luck). With the exception of cast parties after plays, I went to maybe two parties, and I was more the “mom” of my group of friends than wild child. Even in college, I led a pretty tame life. I basically lived with and dated one guy the entire three years I was there (yep, so nerdy I graduated early). I was super goal orientated. Perhaps, a little too goal orientated.

And then I hit my late twenties, and, well, that’s a whole different story. Some things went on in my life during those years that made me realize that you couldn’t plan for life. Not really. Bad things happened to good people. Life was about more than just work. And if you weren’t scared, you weren’t doing it right. Life was meant to be lived, and so I did just that. I lived. I went to China for ten days. I took a trapeze class. I went to multiple music festivals. I said yes more than I said no.  A philosophy I still live by today.

And I guess that’s the biggest dare of them all, isn’t it? Saying yes. Yes to the unknown. Yes to love. Yes to stepping away from what’s comfortable. I’m not saying I’m Annabel. We more different than alike. But I like to think that’s why I wrote this book. Seven Ways to Lose Your Heart is a story about healing a broken heart, realizing that sometimes we use our jobs or responsibilities as excuses to keep us from truly putting ourselves out there, and understanding that life’s biggest dare is allowing yourself to love and be loved in return.

7WaysToLoseYourHeartcoverIt’s funny. As a writer, I always feel a little odd writing these posts about what inspired your work. Sometimes it feels impossible to put into words. But with this novel…I don’t know. I think it’s the closest to who I have become over the last five years. I’m a little bit of both Annabel and Kennedy, and this story while ultimately their’s is also a little bit of mine. It’s a little bit of all my happiness and sadness. A little bit of all my ex boyfriend’s…though some more than others. It’s realizing I have loved and lost. I have been betrayed and forgave. And I still wake up every morning, excited by all the dares each new day offers.  And, damn, it’s just a fun story, and I believe in having as much fun as we can in the time we got on this earth.

 Many thanks to Tiffany Truitt for providing this Guest Post!

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