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My #Review of The Blood King by Abigail Owen -Superb action packed #Paranormal romance and adventure

Title: The Blood King

Series: Inferno Rising #2

Author: Abigail Owen

Pages: 416

Rating: 5/5*


My Review:

It is about a year since I read and thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, The Rogue King, so I was really looking forward to reading this sequel and I wasn’t disappointed. It is an enthralling page turner, a fast paced paranormal adventure featuring dragon-shifters, five phoenix and many others. It was thought that the dragon who mated with a phoenix would be their High King but that was when it was thought there was only ever just on phoenix at a time . . . what happens when there are four? Could this be the opportunity to oust the tyrannical Red King who has murdered and used witchcraft to make himself the High King or will the Red King endeavour to gain one as a mate to enhance his powers?

This story has the feisty Skylar Amon trying to resist her attraction to Ladon Ormarr, the blue dragon King who overthrew the Red King’s puppet to reclaim and protect his people but it isn’t just about their relationship. It explores what happened to each of the quadruplets after their mother died and sent them each to safety. It is a fascinating story, one in which the world building is so beautifully done it is easy to slip into the scenarios and escape our current reality. It has well developed characters, each with their own quirks. The dangers, peril and drama – as well as the lust, love, romance and magic, are skilfully portrayed in this fabulous story, one that has left me eager to read the next book in the series and hoping that it won’t be another year before I can do so!

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book and this is my honest review after eagerly choosing to read it and finding just as enthralling as The Rogue King. I have no hesitation in highly recommending both books to anyone who enjoys action packed, paranormal, romantic suspense.


P.S. Check out my review for The Rogue King by following this link!





Ruthless dragon king Ladon Ormarr must keep his throne—and his people—safe from the cruel High King at all costs. With war on the horizon, he’ll need a miracle to protect his clan. Luckily, the fates have dropped the irresistible Skylar Amon right into his lap.

Or so he thought. Because the last thing this phoenix wants is him.

A phoenix mate is the ticket to securing his throne, but this fiery Amon sister detests Ladon, doesn’t stick to protocols, and regularly offends his warriors and advisers.

Skylar also has no intention of sticking around, nor does she believe in the whole destined-mates thing. But if it means taking out the High King who murdered her parents, she’ll put up with the too-sexy-for-her-sanity Ladon…temporarily.

Their mating bond may make them want to tear off their clothes, but outside the bedroom…well, Ladon is positive the fates hate him. Just as he starts to win over the mercurial phoenix, everything goes to hell when the High King makes his final move. And Ladon will burn down the world to keep the mate he is unwilling to live without.

Each book in the Inferno Rising series is STANDALONE:
* The Rogue King
* The Blood King

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