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Dreaming of a Dragon Shifter for Christmas by Rinelle Grey

Love or duty—Can he give up his mate to save his clan?

Jayrian is a dragon shifter with a plan—find a human woman to wake his prince, save his clan, and help end a war that’s raged for centuries. The key to making it all come together? The sweet, shy, and all-kinds-of-adorable small town librarian he’s starting to like way more than he should.

Gretchen isn’t ambitious, she loves her job at the library, even if part of her secretly longs for adventure. Real life can’t possibly live up to the fantasy she reads though. But when she invites the handsome mystery man she’s been crushing on at work to Christmas dinner, she might just end up with a bigger adventure than she knows what to do with…

The more Jayrian gets to know her, the more he knows Gretchen is the perfect woman to wake his prince. She’s also everything he ever wanted … and nothing he can have if he wants his plan to succeed. He’s willing to give up his life for his prince, but can he give up Gretchen when the time comes?

My Review:

This is a paranormal romance with a quiet librarian discovering she can be feisty, too, when it comes to standing up to or for Jayrain. Initially he’s just a regular visitor to the library where she works but she looks forward to seeing him every day, even though she doesn’t think she has any chance of attracting such a handsome man. However, she never guessed that he’s a dragon shifter who thinks she’s ideal to awaken the sleeping dragon prince . . . . she’s certainly awoken him and that’s what’s causing him problems! He wants to mate with her but believes she’s the only chance his clan has to save them all. Will he choose love or duty?

This is the first book in the ten book Return of the Dragons series and has apparently been published under a variety of titles in the past as it has a different title and synopsis on Goodreads where it appears to now be titled ‘Loyal Dragon Shifter’ with a note that it was originally published as ‘Bringing Christmas to the Dragons’. It is an engaging read, with Gretchen inviting Jayrain to her family celebrations on Christmas Eve. A shocking encounter reveals his secrets and the dilemmas facing them both. It is a great start to the series, a quick, festive paranormal read which entices me to want to read more of the story of these dragon-shifters in future!

Here are some of the alternative versions of this book that I’ve seen . . . .

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