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Summer on the Italian Lakes by Lucy Coleman #EarlyReview #Contemporary #Romance #Excerpt #BlogTour

Title:  Summer on the Italian Lakes

Author: Lucy Coleman

Publisher: Aria

Published: February 5th, 2019

Rating: 4/5 

What happens when a romance writer, Brianna Middleton, breaks up with her famous boyfriend, is trolled on the internet by his fans and struggles to write even one sentence for her next book? In this case, she starts eating, keeps on eating, lives in her pjs and worries . . . . That is, until her friends and family stage an intervention which includes a new hairstyle, a personal trainer, a new diet and a total change in attitude. Now add a month staying at a writer’s retreat on the shores of Lake Garda, helping superstar author Arran Jamieson and life is definitely going to change for the better! However, will the change bring love and romance for her or will fate have other plans? You’ll just have to read it yourself to find out!

Lucy Coleman writes great stories with fantastic, believable characters who draw you into their world, helping you feel their dilemmas and discover their heartwarming romance and this story is no exception to that. It is fun getting to know all the participants at the retreat and I really enjoyed learning more about the writing processes and other aspects of the publication industry through reading about the courses they attended. Both Brie and Arran have a lot of back story which influence their attitudes and behaviour, making them complex characters you get to know better as the story progresses. I can’t praise this book highly enough, it is a great story set in a beautiful, sunny location that is a delight to escape into wherever you are and whatever the season.

I requested and was gifted a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest review after choosing to read it.


The feel-good read of 2019, perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Karen SwanBestselling

Brianna Middleton has won the hearts of millions of readers with her sweeping – and steamy – love stories. But the girl behind the typewriter is struggling…. Not only does she have writer’s block, but she’s a world-famous romance author with zero romance in her own life.

So the opportunity to spend the summer teaching at a writer’s retreat in an idyllic villa on the shores of Lake Garda – owned by superstar author Arran Jamieson – could this be just the thing to fire up Brie’s writing – and romantic – mojo?

Brie’s sun-drenched Italian summer could be the beginning of this writer’s very own happy-ever-after…

Escape the January blues with this sun-drenched, heart-warming story from the bestselling author of Snowflakes Over Holly Cove. What readers are saying about Lucy Coleman…

Buy links:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2M9bQFF

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2RpOXDQ

iBooks: https://apple.co/2Md3soU

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2Mba8DC


Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

‘Have you been ill?’

The hairdresser, whose name is Zena, stares at my reflection in the mirror and I glance nervously at Mel. She’s standing behind my chair with a look of optimism reflected on her face.

‘Yes, Brie had a bad case of the ’flu and couldn’t do much with her hair. She’s thinking of a complete change. What do you think would work?’

Given that this young woman is probably about nineteen years old and is sporting a bright pink Mohican style cut, I’m wondering if this is going to be a little too radical for me.

‘What are we aiming for?’ She tilts her head to one side, gazing at my now lop-sided up-do.

‘Something vibrant, a bit of a statement, isn’t that right Brie?’

I take a hard swallow. ‘Yes. But not too short. Or too bright.’

She turns, grabbing a hair magazine from the shelf and flicking through it, before stopping and holding it out for us both to see.

‘How about this? A tapered bob cut longer at the front and allowing some of that wave to give it some bounciness? I’m thinking I just lighten the brown a little to lift it and then maybe do a few red highlights to make it pop.’

I let out a weary sigh and then realise they are both staring at me.

‘Yes, that sounds perfect, thank you.’

Mel gives me a reassuring look and saunters off in the direction of the coffee machine.

Zena begins using a detangling brush on my hair.

‘You’re better now, then? The new style is going to really perk you up. There’s a lot of that ’flu going around, and some people have had it quite badly. How long were you off work?’

Oh, here we go. I hate telling little white lies.

‘I work from home, so it doesn’t really affect me too much if I take a little time off. I often work long hours which might mean starting very early or working through the night if I’m on a roll.’

‘What do you do?’

‘I’m a writer.’

‘Ooh, anything I might have read?’

Warning bells sound in my head. Duck and dive, Brie, duck and dive.

‘Probably not. It’s very busy in here today, isn’t it?’

‘It always is on a Saturday. Wednesday is our quietest day but even then, we have at least three stylists on shift. The spa offers mid-week discount breaks so you could grab yourself a bargain next time around. Brie, that’s an unusual name.’

I can almost hear her brain ticking over.

‘Yes, although it’s growing in popularity.’

Suddenly she stands upright and peers at me.

‘All I can think of is that Brianna Middleton. Wow, that lady knows how to write a sex scene. Just thinking about the gorgeous guys she features in her books is enough to get me in the mood to jump into someone’s arms!’ She laughs and for one moment a look of horror passes over my face.



About the author

Lucy lives in the Forest of Dean in the UK with her lovely husband and Bengal cat, Ziggy. Her novels have been short-listed in the UK’s Festival of Romance and the eFestival of Words Book Awards. Lucy won the 2013 UK Festival of Romance: Innovation in Romantic Fiction award.

Follow Lucy: 

Twitter: @LucyColemanAuth

Facebook: @LinnBHaltonAuthor

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Website: www.ariafiction.com

Twitter: @aria_fiction

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Instagram: @ariafiction

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  1. LinnBHalton
    February 4, 2019

    Thank you so much for your lovely review and for being on the tour! Much appreciated – always love visiting. xx

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  2. bicted
    February 4, 2019

    You’re always welcome to visit – I love reading your books and will happily join in any tours for them. I hope lots more folks get to enjoy this book as much as I did!


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