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WOW! – Secrets in Cypress Bayou by Susan Sands – #FamilyDrama #RomanticSuspense

Book Info:

Title: Secrets in Cypress Bayou

Series: Louisiana #2

Author: Susan Sands

Published on August 16, 2022

 245 pages 

My Review:

Having just finished and qualified after studying Law,
Carly Bertrand returns to Cypress Bayou once more.
She's astonished to receive a call from someone she knew
Offering her a job setting up his practice that'll be new!

What's more shocking about this offer is that in the past
She had a huge crush on him that she hopes didn't last.
His brother is married to her sister, too,
So she needs to be careful in what she'll say and do!

However, neither were prepared for what happened next
As their first client is someone who is rather perplexed.
She's seeking information about her family and mother
As she was adopted by another.

A story filled with intrigue as their investigation proceeds
As they set up their office with everything it needs.
However threats from his father, litigation, too,
And death threats leave them considering just what to do.

A story that involves family drama and looking into the past
To discover what what hidden then and reveal it at last.
There's a rescue, new family revelations and so much more
In this enthralling romantic suspense with love at its core.

If you enjoy trying to solve crime thrillers and romantic suspense, too,
This could be a fantastic read for you!
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.


Some secrets are buried deep…

When newly minted attorney Carly Bertrand returns to Cypress Bayou, Louisiana, to be close to her family, her first priority is finding a job. She’s shocked to get an offer from her childhood crush, Tanner Carmichael, whose town roots are as deep as hers. Carly accepts, confident she can help Tanner get his new law practice up and running, and keep her attraction to him under lock and key. She’s no longer a starry-eyed teen admiring from afar.

Their first client is a woman searching for her birth mother who mysteriously disappeared decades ago without a trace. Carly and Tanner take the case and soon find themselves drowning in a swampy patch of secrets, political corruption, and danger. And the further they dig, the more it looks like Tanner’s powerful, narcissistic father is involved.

As they work to unravel the mystery, Carly’s old feelings resurface and Tanner can’t believe the shy girl next door has become such a brilliant, beautiful, and determined woman. Should they risk everything for the truth, including their hearts, or settle for safety?

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