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Moving read, involving many sensitive issues – Under the Mistletoe by Sue Moorcroft – beautiful!

My Review:

When family dramas cause Laurel to return home again
She never expected her old feelings about there to remain.
There are memories that are great but others are sad
As traumatic experiences made her leave and still feel bad.

However, time has passed so can she now
Put all the bad memories into the past somehow?
Will they still drive her away?
Can she work out how to stay?

This story has so many sensitive issues involved
They're handled with care but not all can be resolved.
Agoraphobia, assault, bullying, blackmail and more play their part
In this delightful story, with love at its heart.

Teen pranks have impacts on many folks for years
Some are forgotten but others end in fears and tears.
The perpetrators usually don't realise their impact at the time
Or the fact that they're actually committing a crime.

There are fantastic characters brought to life,
With problems to be resolved to end the strife.
However life isn't simple a matter of choices to make
And apologies don't always correct wrongs for goodness sake.

It is a moving story and a second chance romance
Where love is rekindled but family may mean it hasn't a chance.
Can things be resolved? To find out you'll need it to read.
Did I enjoy it? Definitely - it's brilliant! Yes indeed!!

For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
I throughly enjoyed reading it and this is my honest review.


Christmas. A time for family, friends – and rekindling old flames…

When Laurel returns to the village of Middledip, she’s looking for a quiet life. Adjusting to her recent divorce, she’s ready to spend some time getting back on her feet amidst the glorious snow-dusted countryside.

Yet, life in Middledip is far from straightforward. Coming to the aid of her sister, Rea, as she navigates her own troubles, Laurel barely has a moment to think about where her own life is going.

However, time stands still when she sees her old flame, Grady Cassidy – and it’s soon as if they’ve never been apart. But through her happiness, Laurel remembers why she left the village all those years ago, as she recalls a dark night and Grady’s once-wayward brother, Mac…

Can Laurel learn to forgive and forget? Or will her chances of Christmas under the mistletoe with Grady remain a dream?

An enchanting, festive read, perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan and Carole Matthews.

Bookshop.org: https://uk.bookshop.org/books/under-the-mistletoe-9780008393052/9780008393052

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Under-Mistletoe-Sue-Moorcroft-ebook/dp/B0918SXFN2/

WH Smith: https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/sue-moorcroft-untitled-xmas-book-9/sue-moorcroft/paperback/9780008393052.html

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/ww/en/ebook/under-the-mistletoe-59

Apple Books: https://books.apple.com/gb/book/under-the-mistletoe/id1567181050

Audible: https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Under-the-Mistletoe-Audiobook/B09D8KPLRR.

Author Bio

Sue Moorcroft is a Sunday Times bestselling author and has reached the coveted #1 spot on Amazon Kindle UK as well as top 100 in the US. She’s won the Goldsboro Books Contemporary Romantic Novel Award, Readers’ Best Romantic Novel award and the Katie Fforde Bursary. Sue’s emotionally compelling, feel-good novels are currently released by publishing giant HarperCollins in the UK, US and Canada and by other publishers around the world. She’s also well known for short stories, serials, columns, writing ‘how to’ and courses.

Born in Germany into an army family, Sue spent much of her childhood in Cyprus and Malta but settled in Northamptonshire, England aged ten. She loves reading, Formula 1, travel, time spent with friends, dance exercise and yoga.

Social Media Links –

Website [www.suemoorcroft.com]

Blog [http://suemoorcroft.wordpress.com]

Facebook profile [Sue.Moorcroft.3]

Facebook author page [https://www.facebook.com/SueMoorcroftAuthor

Twitter  [@suemoorcroft]

Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/suemoorcroftauthor/] @SueMoorcroftAuthor

LinkedIn [https://www.linkedin.com/in/suemoorcroft]

6 comments on “Moving read, involving many sensitive issues – Under the Mistletoe by Sue Moorcroft – beautiful!

  1. suemoorcroft
    November 6, 2021

    Awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever had a review in rhyme before! Thank you so much, and for joining the blog tour. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Splashes Into Books
      November 6, 2021

      You’re very welcome, Sue – I can never resist the opportunity to read your books, so it is totally my pleasure!!


  2. suemoorcroft
    November 6, 2021

    Reblogged this on Sue Moorcroft blog and commented:
    I do believe this is my first ever review in rhyme! Grateful thanks to Splashes into Books.

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  3. Carla
    November 6, 2021

    Great review Elaine. I am looking forward to listening to this book and it is coming up for me soon. I always enjoy that Sue adds some serious themes to her Christmas books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Splashes Into Books
      November 6, 2021

      I’m sure you’ll love it, Carla – and the themes are definitely there in this one!! I look forward to reading your review!

      Liked by 1 person

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